Past events with the Time travelling Delorean


August 2012 – Chris Evans Car Fest South


The first car fest took place at Jode Scheckters place and amongst all the cars were 7 Deloreans and a camper van complete with a Lybian terrorist. The owner of the camper, Wilf, kindly came along to support the Deloreans and a great time was had by all. On the Saturday there was a competition where the children voted for the best car in the whole show. No prizes for guessing the winner with Erin and me posing above with the very nice trophy that was  presented on the day.

August 2012 – Mclaren families day

McClaren . The very name conjours up images of Silver cars of pedigree. The Delorean was right at home having accepted the invitation to go along to their families day. Ed China from the TV programme “Wheeler Dealers” added some height to the occasion.

June 2012 – London to Brighton classic car run

On a dreary, rainy day which typified the weather of 2012, the annual classic car run took place from London to Brighton. There was a surprise bright spot for the participants when they arrived, and that was the sight of half a dozen movie cars waiting to greet the stream of classic cars at Madeira drive, Brighton.  The sun didn’t shine but they had a warm welcome !

May 2012 – Belgium Delorean owners club event – Bruges

We couldn’t resist when we received an invitation to attend the Belgium Delorean Club’s first international event in Bruges. The enthusistic organiser, Frederik, made us all welcome and it was great to be in Mainland Europe for a wonderful Delorean event. Special permission was obtained to display the cars in the historic centre of Bruges and the lucky tourists got to see a spectacular display. The weather was beautful and it was sometimes hard to see the cars for the people. Once again we were honoured to be part of a convoy of Deloreans, which is such a rare sight and an amazing thing to be part of.

May 2012 – Manchester Bank and Finance event

An absolutely amazing stand was purpose built around the Timecar to enable delegates to sit in the Time machine and watch a futuristic video. I, for once, was speechless !

March 2012 – Jameson Cult film club – Birmingham

The Manchester event was so popular that Jamesons decided to do the whole thing again in Birmingham. I don’t think that they have repeated a showing before. It proves just how popular the Back to the Future trilogy is. Once again the event was truly awesome

2012 – February – Excel London, caravan and motorhome show

The Time travelling Delorean came from the future and crashed into a wall at the Excel show in London. That was the theme which went down a storm with the public. So much so that the Dealer sold twice the expected amount of vehicles and was over the moon with their Delorean encounter.

2011 – November – Jameson whiskey Cult film club

Manchester town hall was the venue for this great night out, with Jameson Whiskey putting on a showing of Back to the Future in this gothic setting complete with Enchantment Under The Sea theme and actors portraying the main characters. Don’t worry, I was there dressed for the occasion. You can’t keep a good “Doc” down! Many of the cinema goers also dressed for the occasion. After the event I was walking back to the hotel in the centre of Manchester when I bumped into a group of fans that had been to the town hall. They were in their Back to the Future fancy dress and I was still dressed as Doc Brown! They were on their way to a Sci – Fi club so I joined them. It was such a scream. We even won a round of shots as the best dressed group in the bar! Those unplanned moments are just THE best !

2011 – November – NEC Classic car show

The Delorean owners club stand was incredibly busy all weekend and my version of Doc Brown put his heart and soul into entertaining the public who appreciated the whole Delorean experience. I have to say that I felt sorry for the majority of the club stands who could only dream of the crowds that we pulled in. Well done the team, especially Mike and Mary Hooper who kept me entertained and were great company.

2011 – September – Nike store, London

An auction for a pair of Marty’s iconic Nike trainers took place at Nikes London store. The Timecar greeted the happy bidders as they made their way into the store for a viewing of the trainers, resplendent in a glass case. Everyone was amazed and thrilled to see the Delorean there. And the winning bid was……………..£8000!

2011 – September – Delorean club meet, Crich.

Time travellers met at Crich museum which coincided with the Delorean owners club annual get together.
It was great to meet old friends and make new ones. The most amazing sight and one of the rarest is a convoy of Deloreans travelling through the British countryside. It’s one of those spine tingling moments that not many people have witnessed and I feel truly lucky to have taken part in

2011 – July – Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare

A great Sci Fi and helicopter event. Highlight was meeting the inventor of “Little Nellie”.

2011 – June – Honourable Artillery Company, London

Back to London for a military extravaganza with one of the oldest regiments. Very nostalgic with the RSM being a great host and huge presence in his “pond”. The Delorean was proudly displayed on an amazing stage.

2011 – May – Sci Fi collectors fair, Portsmouth

Just Love the Sci fi fairs. The Time machine is always a big hit and its great to meet some lovely people. The tall guy is THE Wookie !

2011 – March – Street fair and car show, Bayswater.

A host of movie cars attended this event on a very chilly day. This didn’t stop the public from having a great time. My overriding memory is of the Delorean Timecar driving through London with “herbie” in my rear view mirrors and the Ghostbusters car in front. Boy, that car is HUGE!

2010 – November – BBC “Inside Out” programme

Filming took place in Southampton for an episode of the show with presenter Jon Cuthill being amazed at the amount of attention that the Delorean gets. Great guy, Jon. He even got to drive the Timecar, albeit around a car park!

2010 – October – BBC “The One Show”

To London for live filming on the One Show. The closing sequence featured the two presenters with Ross Kemp managing to squeeze into the Delorean for a trip into the future. Very funny. Also very surreal sitting in the green room chatting to the celebs. Another brilliant day.

2010 – July – BRRC Classic car show

We were thrilled to be asked to attend the first classic car show, taking place, at the place…… of my birth!

2010 – June – School fundraising, Surrey

The Timecar was joined by the Ghostbusters car, Knight rider, the Mystery machine and many more, to the delight of all who attended the annual school fete.

2010 – May – Dominoes Pizza 25th anniversary celebration

Dominoes certainly know how to celebrate. With the opening of their new factory at Milton Keynes and their 25th anniversary the Delorean Timecar was centre stage as the theme was about the future. A trip to Milton Keynes a few weeks before was made to shoot a video with the CEO and the Delorean. A huge 2 storey triple marquee was erected for the big night. The plan was for me to drive the Timecar BACKWARDS with the CEO in the passenger seat from underneath the stage, up a ramp, through some double doors, across the dance floor and up to the stage for the CEO to make his grand entrance after the showing of the video. It was a bit heart stopping but the plan worked beautifully. A fabulous night ensued. The CEO was a great chap and I came away with much respect for him, his team and the company.

2010 – April – Hewlett Packard trade show, Frankfurt Germany.

If you’re gonna do a road trip, why not do it in style. So we did ! 560 miles and 3 countries, brilliant. The Euro tunnel travelers couldn’t believe what they were seeing and all agreed that it had made their day. As usual, the Delorean attracted so much interest as we traveled to Frankfurt with every stop resulting in an enthusistic crowd of well wishers surrounding the car. On arriving at the venue, the staff wondered where the trailer was and were amazed that the Delorean had been driven across Europe. With a ” Future” theme, the Delorean made a great feature and looked fantastic on a purpose built chrome stand. The 5 day show was a huge success and all too soon the Delorean was heading back home. A memorable trip and huge fun.

2010 – February – Butlins Bognor Regis

Wow, the 80′s weekend Saturday night featured the Delorean Timecar. It was a big hit with all the party goers, especially the girls who just can’t resist that shiny stainless steel.

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