The History of Science Fiction

Tangmere was a very famous place as it was a front line airfield in WW2 and played a big part in the Battle of Britain. Fast forward in time 73 years and a lone time travelling Delorean sits on the airfield surrounded by a huge expanse of concrete. From a distance it looks like it has just arrived from another time with smoke billowing from the car. “ACTION”.  As the smoke thins a figure appears from the cabin and delivers a faultless narrative about the delorean and its role in Back to the Future. “CUT”.   A perfect take and one which the Director admitted was fantastic. As I have come to expect, however, it was deemed necessary to take one more. By the fifth take the Narrator was fluffing the odd line, which was hardly surprising as the continuous effects of smoke from inside the car was taking its toll. Finally the Director was satisfied that the BBC presenter was truly done like a kipper and deemed the scene finished. It never fails to amaze me how much filming it takes to do 20 seconds of TV. Can’t wait for the 4 part series to come out though as the title is right up my street, and if you are reading this, yours too. It’s going to the good old USA first , in April , but will be screened here afterwards. Mmmmmm, cant wait :)

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