Jamesons whiskey and the Twighlight zone


Did a Jameson whiskey cult film club event in Birmingham. Did the same thing in Manchester in the Autumn, which went so well that they had to do it again. The thing is, the local news team were there to do a bit of filming and interviewed me which was great. Looked on the internet for the regional news programmes for the next two nights and…………………………..nothing. Thought, ” O well. must of ended up on the cutting room floor”. Two days later, my brothers partner who lives near the Midlands had changed her job and to celebrate went to the local Chinese takeaway to order some food. As she walked in there was a TV on with the sound turned down and on that TV was me and the Delorean ! Bearing in mind that we only touch base with each other once a year, What are the chances of that happening !!

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