What’s happening in August


Its been a bit hectic of late. A week away on holiday and the Delorean getting a well deserved holiday as well. I travelled due north and the “D” went east to PJ Gady’s
for an MOT and a few bits and pieces which have needed sorting for a while.
Top of the list is a new stainless steel exhaust with more vocal presence. We will come back to that. Also a few minor faults which were sorted by Chris Nicholson of Grady’s.
For the uninitiated……..A bit of a guru in the Delorean world and a great bloke. MOT
was passed in style and the Timecar is now having a few upgrades in the BTTF department.
On the way back from Grady’s I realise that the fuel consumption is not going to be quite as good as before. Can’t help downshifting a little early and blipping the throttle to hear the glorious rumble which is now a feature of the Timecar, courtesy of the new exhaust!
With the BTTF upgrades the Delorean truly is a spinetingling joy to drive and I can’t wait for the next trip out which is…………………………………………………………………………………..Dunsfold. Wings and wheels 2009 is going to be awesome. If you can make it you really should. Just for the Timecar!!!!

Oh I love this car.
Footnote: I had to laugh. On the M25 the other day a MACLAREN SLR came alongside. As I looked across a couple of young black guys were giving me the thumbs up excitedly.
As they nailed it and sped away we all knew who was riding in the car with more kudos.
Oh I love this car 
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