Burpham Classic car show

Memories of a happy chidhood come flooding back as the Delorean and I visit the place where I lived many years ago. In general, the village hasn’t changed. The residents have of course and Dominic has done a wonderful job of bringing a bit of glamour to this leafy Sussex village. The show was a huge success which was so pleasing as a lot of effort went into the organisation. Funny how things come to light about the past. As a young lad in the early 60′s I was offered a lift by a village resident in his Jaguar.On climbing in he asked me if I would like to do 100mph ! Of course I did…and off we went. I believe we did do the ton down that leafy lane and I was thrilled. Turns out that his son partnered Derek Bell the racing driver when he first started his racing career. Guess he caught the racing bug from his Dad ! A little bit of the day on the link below


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