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Date:  Saturday 19 February 2011                                                      Time:  1.30pm Location: Devils Dyke, Brighton, Sussex Weather: Misty……………Foggy…….Dam foggy! Mission: 40th Birthday surprise for Ian, massive BTTF fan What a great treat for Ian and a ride in the Delorean which absolutely made his day. … Continue reading

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Laurel & Hardy

You know how it is. There we are driving along in the BTTF Delorean in Shoreham high street and there on the pavement are probably the world’s most recognised twosome just about to go into an Indian restaurant. A quick … Continue reading

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Weather control

In the future the human race will be able to control the weather at will. I am some way towards making this a reality by discovering that my humble garage door is somehow linked to areas of low depression in … Continue reading

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Hey, I can’t speak for other languages, but there are certain words that have a style that obliterates all in the sentence that they appear. Great words. Like ….panache ! What a great word. Sums it all up in…………… word. … Continue reading

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